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Spalled concrete has become an increasing problem in areas like New Iberia, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette. As spalling occurs it is causing many contractors to begin searching for economical solutions to repair and restore the damaged concrete surface. The cause of spalled concrete may not be one particular item. Whether it was the slump of the original concrete mix, a bad mix, improper screeding and floating or a direct cause of deicing agents penetrating the concrete surface, spalling concrete is an eye sore and an issue that needs attention. Spalled concrete is a slip and trip hazard.  With time, labor and material costs factoring into a concrete contractors mindset, realistic solutions which resolve the situation and stand up to the conditions that originally caused the concrete to spall maybe few and far in between.


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Broom Finish Overlay Products


SureBroom is a trowelable or squeegee applied concrete overlay for leveling and retexturing both interior and exterior concrete surfaces in Louisiana. When broomed, it creates a texture that resembles freshly poured and broomed concrete.

 Typical concrete areas in New Iberia include: parking decks, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots or any horizontal concrete surface requiring repair of spalled areas, low spots, etc. SureBroom is applied with a base coat using squeegees, then broomed. A finish coat is applied and broomed creating a slip resistant finish that is ready to be sealed to protect against staining. SureBroom is suitable for all Baton Rouge heavy traffic areas.


Coverage Rate:  90 sq ft @ 2 coats - per 50lb bag

Concrete Patch & Repair

Flash Patch
A commercial grade concrete patching compound that provides a 6,100 PSI surface and cures in 30-45 minutes. Flash Patch is designed to reach full cure in as little as 3 hours and will not contribute to coating delamination. Flash Patch is single component and zero VOC. Flash patch works from 1" to feather and will fill in damaged spalled areas.

Coverage Rate: 12 sq ft @ 1/2" per 50lb bag

Deep Level

A single component, cement based chemical patching compound system for spalled concrete 1/8" - 6" deep. Deep Level offers superior bonding power to patch larger spalls in concrete floors, build ramps, repair loading docks and parking lot pavement. Deep Level also performs well in filling low spots on horizontal surfaces and filling open areas (e.g. planters). The silicate aggregate size will eliminate the usual shrink cracks normally associated with topping mixes used for repairs. Add pea gravel when mixing to provide larger coverage and strength.

Coverage Rate: 12 sq ft @ 1/2" per 50lb bag


Efflorescence & Moisture Blockers

LD 1800 (Lithium Densifier)
A Lithium Silicate concrete densifier and hardener which helps strengthen weakened concrete, slows moisture migration, and can help stop efflorescence. This penetrating treatment reacts chemically with the free lime in concrete to produce calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores, making the concrete stronger and more durable.

LD 1800, a lithium densifier, is the most desirable alternative to conventional sodium or potassium sodium hardeners which leave a high concentration of salts deposited upon the surface. LD 1800 will not contribute to alkali silicate reaction (ASR). LD 1800 is non-flammable, VOC compliant, environmentally safe, and nonstaining.

Coverage Rate:

Tight Troweled -  300- 400 sq ft per gallon
Broom Finished - 150- 250 sq ft per gallon

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